Chapter 6. Installing basic system software

Table of Contents
About debugging symbols
Entering the chroot environment
Changing ownership
Creating directories
Mounting the proc and devpts file systems
Creating essential symlinks
Creating the passwd and group files
Creating devices (Makedev-1.7)
Installing Linux-2.4.22 headers
Installing Man-pages-1.60
Installing Glibc-2.3.2
Re-adjusting the toolchain
Installing Binutils-2.14
Installing GCC-3.3.1
Installing Coreutils-5.0
Installing Zlib-1.1.4
Installing Lfs-Utils-0.3
Installing Findutils-4.1.20
Installing Gawk-3.1.3
Installing Ncurses-5.3
Installing Vim-6.2
Installing M4-1.4
Installing Bison-1.875
Installing Less-381
Installing Groff-1.19
Installing Sed-4.0.7
Installing Flex-2.5.4a
Installing Gettext-0.12.1
Installing Net-tools-1.60
Installing Inetutils-1.4.2
Installing Perl-5.8.0
Installing Texinfo-4.6
Installing Autoconf-2.57
Installing Automake-1.7.6
Installing Bash-2.05b
Installing File-4.04
Installing Libtool-1.5
Installing Bzip2-1.0.2
Installing Diffutils-2.8.1
Installing Ed-0.2
Installing Kbd-1.08
Installing E2fsprogs-1.34
Installing Grep-2.5.1
Installing Grub-0.93
Installing Gzip-1.3.5
Installing Man-1.5m2
Installing Make-3.80
Installing Modutils-2.4.25
Installing Patch-2.5.4
Installing Procinfo-18
Installing Procps-3.1.11
Installing Psmisc-21.3
Installing Shadow-4.0.3
Installing Sysklogd-1.4.1
Installing Sysvinit-2.85
Installing Tar-1.13.25
Installing Util-linux-2.12
Installing GCC-2.95.3
Revised chroot command
Installing LFS-Bootscripts-1.12
Configuring system components