cvs commit: ALFS/nALFS/doc/syntax_doc/nalfs_dtd nalfs_dtd_elem_environment.xml

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Wed Sep 24 19:47:37 PDT 2003

jwrober at wrote:

>   +
>   +<para>The attribute <token>mode</token> allows you to specify the append 
>   +creation mode.</para>
>   +

Better would be:

<para>By default, the supplied value replaces any existing value for 
the specified variable. The attribute <token>mode</token> allows you 
to specify whether the supplied value should be prepended or appended 
to the existing value.</para>

>   +            <variable name="PATH" mode="prepend">/usr/src/gzip.1.2.4a:$PATH</variable>

Remove the $PATH part of this assignment (but leave the trailing 
colon); this was the reason for me to add mode="prepend" in the first 
place. If you want you can add another line giving an example of 
mode="append"... maybe LDFLAGS adding " -s" or something like that 
would be acceptable.

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