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  <sect1 id="alfs_dtd-intro" xreflabel="&book-product; Introduction">
  <?dbhtml filename="alfs_dtd-introduction.html" dir="alfs_dtd"?>
  <title>&book-product; Introduction</title>
  <para><acronym>ALFS</acronym> profiles are written using an 
  <acronym>XML</acronym> syntax. This chapter describes the various 
  <acronym>XML</acronym> elements that can occur in a profile.</para>
  <para>For each element, the book describes:
  <listitem><para>the formal definition of the element, using the 
  <acronym>DTD</acronym> syntax</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>a description of the element</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>one or several examples</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>an equivalent bash script(s) for the examples, when 
  <para>The bash scripts have been generated by <acronym>YAALFS</acronym> or by 
  hand. The checking of the return code has been removed.</para>
  <note><para>This document describes the syntax of the version 
  &alfs-dtd-version; of the syntax, as used in nALFS v1.1.8 and 

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