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Mon Sep 27 12:52:06 PDT 2004

Author: jhuntwork
Date: 2004-09-27 13:52:04 -0600 (Mon, 27 Sep 2004)
New Revision: 1548

Adjusted README to inlcude instructions for making the file

Modified: profiles/LFS/branches/testing-CD/README
--- profiles/LFS/branches/testing-CD/README	2004-09-24 02:02:48 UTC (rev 1547)
+++ profiles/LFS/branches/testing-CD/README	2004-09-27 19:52:04 UTC (rev 1548)
@@ -10,7 +10,14 @@
 To use the profile you should :-
-1) Customize the files in the 'config' directory
+1) Produce a kernel .config file. The easiest way to do this is to
+   unpack the linux source to a mounted hard drive partition, run
+   'make mrproper' inside the newly created linux-(version) directory,
+   and run 'make menuconfig'. Choose the options corresponding to
+   your hardware and finally save your configuration as:
+   /etc/linux-config
+2) Customize the files in the 'config' directory
    - the file general.ent contains a bunch of entity declarations
      (Note: this file contains an entity called TERM that should be
             set to the same value as the TERM environment variable on
@@ -26,10 +33,10 @@
    - the file console.xml is for setting up the default keymap with
      support for i18n.	
-2) This profile contains two additional packages that are installed
+3) This profile contains two additional packages that are installed
    during chapter 9, libxml2 and nALFS. This is done under the
    assumption that you will want to use nALFS once you have booted
    your new LFS system to continue building other packages (via BLFS
    or other profiles).
-3) Execute sh ./runit as root.
+4) Execute sh ./runit as root.

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