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Sat Feb 12 10:14:07 PST 2005

Author: kpfleming
Date: 2005-02-12 11:14:07 -0700 (Sat, 12 Feb 2005)
New Revision: 1769

support passing skeleton directory name to runit.sh
update README for new configuration method

Modified: profiles/LFS/trunk/README
--- profiles/LFS/trunk/README	2005-02-12 18:02:22 UTC (rev 1768)
+++ profiles/LFS/trunk/README	2005-02-12 18:14:07 UTC (rev 1769)
@@ -4,37 +4,50 @@
 This profile must be used with nALFS 1.2.3 or later.
-To allow an easier customization of the configuration files,
-there is now a configuration directory for the different
-configurations the profile could be used to generate.
+This profile contains two areas that must be customized to create
+your LFS installation:
-To use the profile you should :-
-1) First it is recommended to make a backup copy of the config
-directory prior to making any modifications to the files within it.
-2) Customize the files in the new configuration directory
+- "config" directory
+  This directory contains a variety of files used directly by the
+  profile to build your system. They are:
    - the file general.ent contains a bunch of entity declarations
      (Note: this file contains an entity called TERM that should be
             set to the same value as the TERM environment variable on
             your build system. It defaults to "linux", the most common
             value for a GNU/Linux system.)
-   - the file fstab.xml contains the commands to generate the fstab file
    - the file kernel.xml contains the commands for building the kernel
-   - the file grub.xml contains the commands for configuring the grub
-     bootloader although the steps to do this are commented out by
-     default
    - the files keymap-ch6.xml and keymap-ch8.xml are used to set up
      the default keymap
-   - the file console.xml is for setting up the default keymap with
-     support for i18n.
-3) This profile contains two additional packages that are installed
+- "skeleton" directory
+  This directory (and all its subdirectories) contain all the standard
+  text config files used by an LFS build. You should review every file
+  in this directory to ensure that it contains the values that you wish
+  to use to configure your system.
+  Note: there is no documentation in this profile on the use and values
+  of each of these files. If you are not familiar enough with these files
+  to know what you should put into them, you are probably not yet ready to
+  be performing automated LFS builds using this profile.
+To use the profile you should :-
+1) Make a backup copy of the config directory.
+2) Customize the files in the config directory.
+3) Make a copy of the skeleton directory and give it name that
+   represents the system you are building for.
+4) Customize the files in the new skeleton directory you created.
+5) This profile contains two additional packages that are installed
    during chapter 9, libxml2 and nALFS. This is done under the
    assumption that you will want to use nALFS once you have booted
    your new LFS system to continue building other packages (via BLFS
    or other profiles).
-4) Execute ./runit.sh as root. Please note that if you have installed
+6) Execute "./runit.sh {skeleton}" as root, providing the name of the
+   directory you created in step 3. Please note that if you have installed
    nALFS into a location other than /usr/local/bin you will need to edit
    runit.sh to point to your copy of nALFS.

Modified: profiles/LFS/trunk/chapter05/creatingtoolsdir.xml
--- profiles/LFS/trunk/chapter05/creatingtoolsdir.xml	2005-02-12 18:02:22 UTC (rev 1768)
+++ profiles/LFS/trunk/chapter05/creatingtoolsdir.xml	2005-02-12 18:14:07 UTC (rev 1769)
@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@
     <stage name="Copying skeleton configuration files">
-        <source>&lfs-profile;/skeleton/*</source>
+        <source>&lfs-profile;/&skeleton;/*</source>

Modified: profiles/LFS/trunk/runit.sh
--- profiles/LFS/trunk/runit.sh	2005-02-12 18:02:22 UTC (rev 1768)
+++ profiles/LFS/trunk/runit.sh	2005-02-12 18:14:07 UTC (rev 1769)
@@ -12,5 +12,12 @@
 echo "<!ENTITY lfs-profile '${CURRENTDIR}'>" > config/profile.ent
+if [ -z "${1}" ]; then
+  SKELETON=skeleton
+  SKELETON=${1}
+echo "<!ENTITY skeleton '${SKELETON}'>" >> config/profile.ent
 umask 022
 /usr/local/bin/nALFS -l -L nalfs.log LFS.xml

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