NITPICKS: Re: r2190 - jhalfs/trunk

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu Nov 17 11:28:56 PST 2005

manuel at wrote:

> +echo \"Look like the \$BUILDDIR directory contains subdirectories\" >&2


> +echo \"from a previous LFS build.\" >&2
> +echo \"\" >&2
> +echo \"Please, format the partition mounted on \$BUILDDIR or set\" >&2

The comma after 'Please' isn't really necessary.

> +# If $BUILDDIR have subdirectories like tools/ or bin/, stop the run
> +# and notify the user about that. This also prevent to set "-d /"
> +# by mistake.

s/prevent to set/prevents setting/

No offense meant. All in the name of correctness. :) Thanks for the good 
work, Manuel.


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