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Sat May 27 01:30:59 PDT 2006

Author: manuel
Date: 2006-05-27 02:30:58 -0600 (Sat, 27 May 2006)
New Revision: 2718

README fixes:
Changed temptools by tools in the BUILDDIR layout.
Removed all references to ./blfs. We will need a separate README.BLFS.

Modified: jhalfs/trunk/README
--- jhalfs/trunk/README	2006-05-26 23:57:31 UTC (rev 2717)
+++ jhalfs/trunk/README	2006-05-27 08:30:58 UTC (rev 2718)
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
   supplied symlinks. After editing the config file for the project you wish
   to build, run the script.
-     The term <symlink> refers to the 1 of 4 package symlinks, lfs,hlfs,clfs,blfs.
+     The term <symlink> refers to the 1 of 3 package symlinks, lfs,hlfs,clfs.
      Replace <symlink> with your choice of packages; i.e.: ./lfs
      ./<symlink>		eg: ./lfs or ./hlfs
@@ -52,14 +52,10 @@
 5. LAYOUT::
-        /BLFS/config
-             /master.sh
-             /xxxx.xsl
@@ -85,34 +81,32 @@
-	 ./blfs  ---+
 	 ./clfs  ---|
-	            +---> master.sh
-	 ./hlfs  ---|
-	 ./lfs   ---+
+	 ./hlfs  ---|+---> master.sh
+	 ./lfs   ---|
 6. FAQ::
     Q. "It doesn't work!"
     A. Yes it does, try ./lfs --help
     Q. "How do I specify the build location?"
     A. The original LFS document worked against the well know location /mnt/lfs.
        This script automates the build of all of the LFS series of books and uses
        a generic location $BUILDDIR with a default value a /mnt/build_dir.
        You may change this value to suit your needs.
        The layout below $BUILDDIR is as follows.
             jhalfs      (makefile,cmd scripts,logs..etc)
 	    sources     (where packages reside)
-	    temptools   (temporary bootstrap system)
+	    tools       (temporary bootstrap system)
 	    cross-tools (temporary CLFS only)
 	    FHS dir structure
     Q. "What is the function of the SRC_ARCHIVE variable?"
     A. When then symlinked master.sh runs it creates a local copy of the
        necessary packages in BUILDDIR/sources by downloading the files. If
@@ -120,13 +114,13 @@
        this location for the file and, if found, will copy it to BUILDDIR/sources.
        If the files are not found in SRC_ARCHIVE _and_ you have write priv to
        the directory any downloaded files will be mirrored there.
     Q. "How do I set the SRC_ARCHIVE location?"
     A. The best way to set the value of SRC_ARCHIVE is
        export SRC_ARCHIVE=/wherever/you/store/downloaded/packages
-       you can change the setting in .common/config. 
+       you can change the setting in .common/config.
     Q. "Why have 2 copies of the files?"
     A. The package files must be visible during the chroot phase and this is a
        simple and reliable method of doing so. This method also handles the CLFS

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