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On Mon, 05 Mar 2001 13:23:38 GMT, Ainsley Pereira wrote [Re: New Time hint]:
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> > > In plain text, as requested ;) Version 2.0
> > Earth is divided in 24 time zones.
> Sorry, but this assumption gets on my nerves. Unfortunately the manufacturers
> of my wrist watch (Timex) also fell for this one, so I cannot set the dual
> timezone thing on it for the two countries that I'd actually find it useful
> for.
> There are places which are a non-integral number of hours offset from GMT (Eg.
> South Australia is 8.5hrs (except during DST changeover periods).) Also I
> believe there's an island off the coast of Canada or somewhere that has a x
> hours 15min offset from GMT.

Whoopsie.... I'll correct this one, thanks for telling me (I really didn't
know)... But hey, it makes clear what I mean doesn't it?

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