Two problems : libraries and network

FRANCOIS Nicolas nicolas.francois at
Mon Mar 5 15:48:28 PST 2001

Marc Heerdink a écrit :
> On Mon, 05 Mar 2001 19:11:24 +0100, FRANCOIS Nicolas wrote [Two problems :
> libraries and network]:
> > 1- when I installed WindowMaker, it went to /usr/local/..., and the WINGs
> > includes in /usr/local/include/WINGs/. But all the wm programs I want to
> > compile
> > (ex : WSoundServer) don't find those includes. If I add a
> > -I/usr/local/include/WINGs in the makefiles, it works, but I would like to do
> > it
> > without those hacks. If I just add #include <WINGs/WINGs.h> in the .c files
> > which need it, it goes to a further error processing WUtils.h.
> >
> > Can I process a sed command (don't know anything about this) to modify all the
> > Makefiles in all subdirectories ? I didn't find a WINGs option doing
> > ./configure
> > --help.
> Have you tried to make a symlink from /usr/include/WINGs ->
> /usr/local/include/WINGs?? I think this is the way to solve this problem (in a
> not very correct way, but hey... who cares? ;), but I can't give you any real
> solutions because I don't use windowmaker @ all (believe me... BlackBox is much
> cooler).

I'll try this. Looks strange for me (will gcc find more easily
/usr/include/WINGs/WINGs.h than /usr/local/include/WINGs/WINGs.h ?).

And WM is just fine for me, thanks ;-) (No war. I warn you. No war :-)
> > 2- I have BIG problems configuring the network. For example, if I add "route
> > add" in /etc/init.d/localnet file, it produces an error. When doing
> this
> > command in a console, it says : SIOACCsomethind : device not found.
> >
> > After reading the ppp doc, the Net-HOWTO and two or three other programs, I
> > try online help.
> Won't need the ppp dox for this... Run these commands from the console:
> ifconfig lo down (may produce an error, don't care about it)
> ifconfig lo
> route add -net netmask lo
> The last 2 commands is what this is all about... what do you get? Errors? Post
> them here. If you don't get any errors, there's something wrong with your
> script.

Here you are :

route... sends back :
netmask doesn't match route address
Help stuff
Possible address families : inet



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