Linux-2.4.2 and IPTables compilation.

Xavier Debacker xavier.debacker at
Mon Mar 19 16:31:38 PST 2001

I use 2.4.0 without any problem.
2.4.2 compiles too, but is not stable - scsi driver causes kernel panics -

to compile iptables, be sure you have the 2.4.x kernel headers installed
that's the only problem I experienced...

so no patch required at all.


Jason Gurtz a écrit :

> Not really a request for help, but just wondering....
> Am I the only one who has kernel compilation errors, and IPTables userspace
> tools compilation errors?  I did note some answers in the FAQ that comes
> with the package, but that was at 3AM and I wasn't up to delving into source
> tree patching, etc...  It just seems wierd that the FAQ would contain inline
> patch code and it would not be posted right on the site...  :-/

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