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> Skype requires 32 bit [ just in case you are building a 64 bit system. ]
> They don't give any information about the software requirements other
> than QT.
> It looks like skype isn't finding the library path, if you used a
> different path then you'll need to create a symlink to the librarys for
> skype.
> [ yes, they are a MS based company, they hard code include paths rather
> than use enviroment variables. ]
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Okay, so I did some looking around, and found that I have no
at all, so I symlinked it to and got the following errors:

./skype: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBCPP_3.2' not found (required
by ./skype)
./skype: /usr/lib/ version `CXXABI_1.2' not found (required
by ./skype)

This questions me to believe, which package does install the correct
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