Kernel 2.6.21 BUG?

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Mon Apr 30 18:06:16 PDT 2007

Hi Alexander,

On 2007/04/29 Sun PM 10:41:17 EDT Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> Try, it includes a network-related fix.

In a post dated 2007/04/29 Sun PM 08:33:10 EDT (easy to miss since it was "addressed" to Tijnema only) I already complained that
"Unfortunately, behaves the same (i.e. it didn't fix my BUG)"

> If it still doesn't work, complain to LKML.
> <snip>
> The usual procedure to deal with this is to either use a serial console, or ...

It's possible my trauma stems from the fact that I _know_ the drill;
'oops-tracing.txt', for example, is pretty explicit (unfortunately).

> I see that the sis problem is already reported by Brett Ryland, so you may just sit and watch.

As I intimated in a previous post, that's just what I was gonna do.
I'll sit tight until or so, and then I'll bite the bullet.

> [the kernel line in your /boot/grub/menu.lst file] is relevant because "unknown_bootoption" is in the oops.

This is an aside.  Interestingly (or not), the postmortems differ from sub-revision to sub-revision and even on the same revision with different
software versions (see my 'iproute' upgrade) - with the "unknown_bootoption" seemingly fading into obscurity.  Maybe this is a clear sign that kernel sub-revisions have a personality of their own :-)
Anyway, my grub (0.96) line is, as they say, deceptively simple (and frankly, pretty innocuous):
 "kernel /boot/LFSkernel root=/dev/hda4" 
It dates back to LFS and has unfailingly come through for me all these years.

I really appreciate your great help,
-- Alex

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