Script for compiling Xorg

Koenraad Lelong lfs at
Thu Aug 2 05:53:15 PDT 2007

Nicolas FRANCOIS schreef:
> Hi.
> On page xorg7.html of the BLFS book, it is mentionned that the
> compilation of the different parts of Xorg should be scripted, that I can
> only agree with. But the script behaviour is quite strange :
> bash -e #exit on all errors
> section=proto
> version=7.2
> mkdir $section
> cd $section
> ...
> When you launch such a script, nothing happens, until you type something
> on the console. Then the script starts.
> Someone on the linux french newsgroup told me that the first line should
> be 
> !#/bin/bash -e
> Is this OK ? Or did I miss something ?
> \bye
No, AFAIK it's
#!/bin/bash... At least that's what I start my scripts with.
Now I looked into it, on my Suse box a number of scripts start with
#! /bin/bash, notice the space after #!.
Koenraad Lelong.

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