Urgent : big doubt about Xorg prefix

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Aug 3 17:43:57 PDT 2007

Nicolas FRANCOIS wrote these words on 08/03/07 19:26 CST:

> I'd like to correct a possible error as soon as possible

I'm not really sure there is an error to begin with. :-)

> : in the SVN
> BLFS book, Xfree is installed in /usr/X11R6, but in the Xorg
> instructions, it is said that you have the choice for XORG_PREFIX
> between /usr or /opt (and every other thing, if you dare).

You have the choice with XFree as well. You must have missed the
section in the host.def file that says:

 * The default is to install into /usr/X11R6. If you would like to install
 * into /usr, uncomment these options.
#define ProjectRoot         /usr
#define LinkGLToUsrLib      NO
#define LinkGLToUsrInclude  NO

> Is it really /usr, or /usr/X11R6 ? 

It is wherever you want to put it.  :-)

> I saw a package building instructions
> a while after which seemed to rely on the existence of /usr/X11R6, but I
> don't have that directory, and can't find where I was supposed to create
> it.

There are less and less packages requiring the antiquated /usr/X11R6
directory. But there are still some. It is up to you where to install
the X Window System. Both XFree and Xorg give you the choice. You can
always create a symlink to satisfy the older, antiquated packages.

And as far as the Subject line being "Urgent:", well, nothing in BLFS
is really that urgent on a Friday night/early Saturday morning, right?


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