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Le Fri, 10 Aug 2007 07:41:02 +0000 "Cubo Aula Info"
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> So the questions are:
> 1) does somebody use install-log  and can tell me if it works ok or if
> there are situation where if fails?

I use this script, provided a long time ago by Gerard :

-------------> /usr/bin/filelist <------------------

if [ -z $1 ]
    echo "Usage: $0 outputfile"
    exit 1


PRUNEPATH="/old /sources /download /usr/src /proc /var/install-logs /tmp /root /home /var/run /dev /mnt /var/spool /var/lock

PRUNEREGEX=`echo $PRUNEPATH|sed -e 's,^,\\\(^,' -e 's, ,$\\\)\\\|\\\(^,g'
-e 's,$,$\\\),'`

echo "Collecting current files..."
find / -regex "$PRUNEREGEX" -prune -o -print
> /var/install-logs/before-inst echo
echo "Start the installation of $1 now."
echo "Press a key when you are done to continue..."
echo "Collecting new files..."
find / -regex "$PRUNEREGEX" -prune -o -print
> /var/install-logs/after-inst cd /var/install-logs
echo "Creating difference output.."
diff before-inst after-inst > $1
echo "Modifying difference output file..."
sed s/"> "// $1 > $1-new
mv $1-new $1
cat $1 | grep / > $1-new
mv $1-new $1
echo "Removing temporary files..."
rm before-inst after-inst
echo "Opening output file in editor..."
vi $1
echo "Done"
-------------> /usr/bin/filelist <------------------

Works fine for me, no problem to understand what it does, no big

When I want to uninstall something :

cat /var/install-logs/toto-utl | xargs rm

and I suppress by hand the few remaining directories not deleted by the
command above.



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