jdk 1.6 update 2 build is still failing

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Aug 14 18:09:06 PDT 2007

David Barron wrote these words on 08/14/07 19:53 CST:

> The original problem was that the build was unable to find Xext.h. Dan 
> noticed that the include directories were odd and suggested this command 
> as a workaround:
> sed -i.bak 's at I/X11R6 at I/usr/X11R6@' j2se/make/sun/awt/mawt.gmk

To my knowledge, and as best as I can recall, Dan has specifically
said he's never compiled the JDK. So he is just guessing (though
his guesses are better than most peoples best educated response).

However, DJ and I compile the JDK in *every* build we do. And we
don't have issues. So, I would have to say that we've reached a
point where I'm going to build the JDK tonight, comparing my
build script with what is in the book.

If they are the same (which I think they are), and it builds
without issue, then we've got to start exploring something else
other than guessing with some seds and other stuff that nobody
else needs.

I hope this makes sense. But if one Editor of the book is going
to suggest that we start doing seds to the sources of the JDK,
while a couple of other Editors don't need to do them, this is
a serious conflict we need to resolve (not between the Editors,
but with what is going wrong for you).

I will post my results tomorrow, as it is late for me now.


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