Struggling with gnome 2.18.3

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Sun Aug 26 12:39:59 PDT 2007

On 8/26/07, Georgina Joyce <gena-j at> wrote:
> Regrettably not so.  There's no extra in sys.log and once I got some fragmented output and thought I'd cracked it so I tried again and again but can't get any output.  From memory it complained, something like:
> Can't find /dev/null/pango
> Rc not a directory
> I'm sorry, I can't get it to do it again and feel most stupid for not saving what little I got.
> After some consideration, shouldn't I try and debug the starting of gnome session?  Would the startx command offer a way of collecting the gnome software executing?

That would help. It just seemed like the error was coming from GDM,
though. But, yes, you can debug gnome-session as described here:

If you have d-bus, I would highly suggest using that form. If
gnome-session seems to work successfully, then you're back to
debugging gdm.


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