Filesystem options

taipan67 sysadm.taipan67 at
Tue Aug 28 03:50:21 PDT 2007

Simon Geard wrote:
> Hi all...
> I'm about to start on a hardware upgrade, which includes moving all my
> data to a new disk. My current setup uses reiserfs3 for both root and
> home partitions, but I'm wondering if anything else might be more
> preferable since I'm starting from a clean disk.
> Can anyone comment on what else is currently available, and what would
> be most appropriate for a desktop machine? Keep reiser3? Good old Ext3?
> XFS or JFS?
> Simon.
I've switched from reiserfs-3.6 back to ext3, but in full-journal mode, 
since i saw the following forum-thread :-

I've been extremely happy with my system's performance ever since. It 
should also theoretically allow straightforward upgrading to ext4 when 
it becomes stable enough in the future (as far as i know - would those 
more knowledgeable please correct me if necessary).


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