Problem with ftp access

randd randd at
Wed Nov 7 20:37:28 PST 2007


> I have an annoying problem with my new LFS box (LFS SVN post 6.3, BLFS
> SVN) : Everything is working quite OK...except ftp. When I want to
> connect to an ftp server, everything goes OK until I want to dir a
> directory : 
> ftp> ls
> 200 PORT command successful. Consider using PASV.
> 425 Failed to establish connection.

I've had this exact same problem.  Unfortunately, it was a while ago and I 
can't remember what the cure (or the exact cause was). 

Fortunately, I do remember it had something to do with the fact that I had 
two or more NICs in that machine.  In my case I couldn't get a connection to 
go under any circumstances, period (eg., even if I set ftp up for PASV 

I'll keep looking in my "archives" and see if I can't find something more 
specific.  In the meantime, Dan's suggestion r.e. strace is a good one; you 
might also get some use out of tcpdump 
( - read the docs; I'm 
fairly certain you'll need libpcap, too). 

Two quick questions - they're pretty obvious, but you know how that goes - 
you're not blocking port 21 or port 22, right?  And, if you have openssh 
installed, have you tried sftp? 

Hope that helps 

 - Larry 

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