How to use blfs-tool and BLFS

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Sun Nov 25 09:10:43 PST 2007

On Sun, 25 Nov 2007 02:01:02 +0100
Heinrich Tomanek <hedora at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> my 1st LFS using jhalfs (LFS 6.3 / LiveCD r2130) is working fine.
> Now I trying to do the next step: using blf-tools and BLFS. But I think,
> I did not understand the idea behind these tools.
> To build LFS with blfs-tool support seems not enough. After reboot,
> installing of BLFS packages fails because some system tools like sudo
> etc. are not installed.
> Have I to install needed tool manually? Before reboot?
> Should I build BLFS packages before reboot, directly after building LFS?
> What is the right path?
> Thanks a lot.
> Heinrich

Bearing in mind that the whole idea behind LFS is to educate people in
building and using Linux, it's a pity that the documentation for the
jhalfs tool, like nalfs before it, is so poor.  However the lead
developer's first language is not English, so he can be forgiven (and
even the original developer was American ;-).

You'll need to look at the actual scripts to understand how they work
Heinrich.  Then, once you've worked it all out, write us a jhalfs
howto :-)

As Randy says, they are not newbie tools.  But as I once said to my
programmers: "a program without user documentation is not a program at
all."  But I was paying them, and no one pays the jhalfs team!

BLFS is a 'dip in and build the bits you want' book, the blfs-tool is
more a: dependency management tool with a package builder on the back,
than a blfs automated machine.  Its job is to examine the blfs book
and build a set of scripts to build the dependencies of the target as
well as the target itself.  You then have to edit the scripts to make
something useful.  It isn't an automated build system, like, say,

Best of luck,

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