[blfs-support] polkit-0.107

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Sat Jul 14 17:50:01 PDT 2012

Have polkit-0.105 installed.

A bit reluctant in upgrading to polkit-0.107, as it seems there are
fundamental differences:

$ diff -qr polkit-{0.105,0.107} | sort | grep -i only
Only in polkit-0.105/etc/polkit-1: localauthority
Only in polkit-0.105/etc/polkit-1: localauthority.conf.d
Only in polkit-0.105/etc/polkit-1: nullbackend.conf.d
Only in polkit-0.105/usr/include/polkit-1: polkitbackend
Only in polkit-0.105/usr/lib: libpolkit-backend-1.a
Only in polkit-0.105/usr/lib: libpolkit-backend-1.la
Only in polkit-0.105/usr/lib: libpolkit-backend-1.so
Only in polkit-0.105/usr/lib: libpolkit-backend-1.so.0
Only in polkit-0.105/usr/lib: libpolkit-backend-1.so.0.0.0
Only in polkit-0.105/usr/lib/pkgconfig: polkit-backend-1.pc
Only in polkit-0.105/usr/lib/polkit-1: extensions
Only in polkit-0.105: var
Only in polkit-0.107/etc/polkit-1: rules.d
Only in polkit-0.107/usr/share/polkit-1: rules.d

What do you think?


If anyone have done that, is there any additional steps, compared to a
fresh install?

Thanks in advance,


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