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Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Thu Jul 19 16:00:02 PDT 2012

On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 04:43:41PM -0500, rhubarbpieguy at gmail.com wrote:
> On 07/19/12 11:02, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> > rhubarbpieguy at gmail.com wrote:
> >> ePDFView fails to display some pages of pdf files.  ePFSView seems to
> >> compile successfully and launches without incident.  However, some pages
> >> display blank while the same pages display with xpdf.  I wish I had more
> >> information, but I see no error messages during either compilation or
> >> display.  My guess is I did something wrong with Poppler, but I saw no
> >> errors.
> >>
> >> What might I have done wrong?  What should I check?
> > I don't use ePFSView, but my first reaction is that you may not have all
> > the dependencies of poppler installed.
> >
> I believe I had all dependencies installed before compiling poppler but 
> double-checked after your reply.  The only optional packages I'd not 
> installed were OpenJPEG and Qt.  Installing both didn't solve the 
> problem.  My guess it is something concerning Poppler, but wouldn't the 
> ./configure output indicate a problem?  I receive the following:
> Building poppler with support for:
>    font configuration: fontconfig
>    splash output:      yes
>    cairo output:       yes
>    qt4 wrapper:        no
>    glib wrapper:       yes
>      introspection:    no
>    cpp wrapper:        yes
>    use gtk-doc:        no
>    use libjpeg:        yes
>    use libpng:         yes
>    use libtiff:        yes
>    use zlib:           yes
>    use libcurl:        no
>    use libopenjpeg:    yes
>    use cms:            yes
>        with lcms2
>    command line utils: yes
>    test data dir:      /sources/poppler-0.20.2/./../test
>    Warning: Using zlib is not totally safe
> It does seem strange libcurl states no as I have /usr/lib/libcurl.(a,la,so.so.4,4.2.0).  I see no errors with the make or make install output.
 Indeed, but a quick look at my past logs suggests that perhaps curl
needs to be specifically selected by an option (I haven't done that,
eveything appears to work ok in epdfview for me - except on my i3,
where last Saturday a pdf had horrible colour tints in many photos,
although the same photos copied to a bulletin board looked ok in
firefox, and were ok on my r600 : video hardware is generally
[expletive deleted] : FWIW I went back to the i3 last night to try
tweaking xgamma, but the rendering was ok).

 I also recommend that you avoid static libraries from BLFS packages
(e.g. by renaming them to something which ld will not link to -
.a.hidden in my case, when I can't suppress them), but that only
plays a part when there is a vulnerability that you care about *and*
when things have gone wrong [ somehow, not using the .so ].  So, not
relevant to your problem.

 Poppler uses cairo, doesn't it ?  I wonder if this is the same
cairo bug seen in firefox under xorg-1.12 ?  Which video driver ?
For ati, I put a patch into -patches : it's mostly upstream, but the
release that includes it needs newer libdrm [ BLFS is stuck on an
old libdrm because of a nouveau  problem - until Mesa 8.1 is
released ].  For intel video, I *thought* that what is currently in
the book avoids the problem - but I haven't built a fresh system on
my intel hardware for a few months : maybe next week.

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