[blfs-support] Thoughts on 'init-functions' and bootscript files

alex lupu alupu01 at gmail.com
Sat May 5 17:15:23 PDT 2012

>> Alex:
>> There are "extraneous" messages, like from Udev and
>> USB mouse/keyboard (if any), which interfere with B/LFS
>> bootscript console display output.
>> That makes the boot-up display confusing and hard to read at times.

> Bruce:
> Try adding LOGLEVEL=4 to /etc/sysconfig/rc.site
> that may or may not fix your issues, ...

Maybe I wasn't clear.  My issue (if any) is with those nonsensical
"orphan stars".
Even if culprits like USB input devices (mice, keeboards) didn't exist
udevd output would still kill many a nicely designed B/LFS star message.
As an aside, I assume a lot of effort went into purposely creating them
looking so nice, clean, clear and pleasant to the eye (at least on paper).

When dealing with the former culprits (USB input), I employ two simple
and efficient
methods (which have nothing to do with adjusting loglevels :)
1.  When in an ugly mood, I shut off the monitor until I hear the full-up beep
(based on - what you don't know can't hurt you).
2.  When lonely (most of the time), I put a "read" command in one of the last
running scripts (on boot-up or shut-down) and watch enraptured the messages
from the USB mouse and keyboard come up and scroll by every minute or so.
After an hour or so I'm fully spaced out and fall to sleep.

For the other messages (either avoidable or interesting) I made those changes
described in the OP, which can make an B/LFS message (info or otherwise)
come up as
  *   Hiya, this is your friendly so-and-so program coming up...   [OK]

and not
      Hiya, this is your friendly so-and-so program coming up...
      < ten screens of garbage later: >
  *                                                       [OK]

Anyway, the post was just intended as a personal thought on this last paragraph
(in a kinda pre-Kentucky Derby mood) which might also help, in the process,
some other amateurs of a nice boot-up screen.

A couple of notes:
 I suppose this is why 'inittab' has a "--noclear" for the boot-up console
 nowadays (to preserve the full boot-up log on the screen for people
 interested in the beauty and meaning of the messages just passed by).

 I think not all users are aware of 'var/log/boot.log' which contains just
 the _cleaned-up_ B/LFS messages as moved from the '/run/var/bootlog'
 at the end of boot.  Again, a quick, clean analysis of the B/LFS messages
 can be valuable for some.

-- Alex

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