[blfs-support] Thoughts on 'init-functions' and bootscript files

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat May 5 20:40:10 PDT 2012

alex lupu wrote:

> Maybe I wasn't clear.  My issue (if any) is with those nonsensical
> "orphan stars".
> Even if culprits like USB input devices (mice, keeboards) didn't exist
> udevd output would still kill many a nicely designed B/LFS star message.
> As an aside, I assume a lot of effort went into purposely creating them
> looking so nice, clean, clear and pleasant to the eye (at least on paper).
> When dealing with the former culprits (USB input), I employ two simple
> and efficient methods (which have nothing to do with adjusting loglevels :)

> 1.  When in an ugly mood, I shut off the monitor until I hear the full-up beep
> (based on - what you don't know can't hurt you).

> 2.  When lonely (most of the time), I put a "read" command in one of the last
> running scripts (on boot-up or shut-down) and watch enraptured the messages
> from the USB mouse and keyboard come up and scroll by every minute or so.
> After an hour or so I'm fully spaced out and fall to sleep.


If you want to keep busy, have you ever tried setting IPROMPT=yes in 
/etc/sysconfig/rc.site?   :)

Also try setting (also in rc.site):


It won't change the [OK] at the end, but you won't get any stars.

> For the other messages (either avoidable or interesting) I made those changes
> described in the OP, which can make an B/LFS message (info or otherwise)
> come up as
>   *   Hiya, this is your friendly so-and-so program coming up...   [OK]
> and not
>       Hiya, this is your friendly so-and-so program coming up...
>       < ten screens of garbage later: >
>   *                                                       [OK]
> Anyway, the post was just intended as a personal thought on this last paragraph
> (in a kinda pre-Kentucky Derby mood) which might also help, in the process,
> some other amateurs of a nice boot-up screen.
> A couple of notes:
>  I suppose this is why 'inittab' has a "--noclear" for the boot-up console
>  nowadays (to preserve the full boot-up log on the screen for people
>  interested in the beauty and meaning of the messages just passed by).

Yes, --noclear is what the default used to be but it was changed in util-linux. 
  We just made the behavior the same.  Of course you can remove it.

>  I think not all users are aware of '/var/log/boot.log' which contains just
>  the _cleaned-up_ B/LFS messages as moved from the '/run/var/bootlog'
>  at the end of boot.  Again, a quick, clean analysis of the B/LFS messages
>  can be valuable for some.

Yes a user can look either place.  Makign a permanent record in 
/var/log/boot.log was added some time after the newer rc file was developed.  I 
suppose I can add a little to the end of Section 7.7 about that.

Thanks for the feedback.

   -- Bruce

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