[blfs-support] some broken links

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun May 20 11:50:29 PDT 2012

John Burrell wrote:

>> Thanks for the report.  It would be even more helpful to let us know 
>> what the proper urls should be.

>  Ah you just want me to do your job for you!

We are all volunteers here.

> I used these - but please try them before publishing because they may have changed.

The better fix is to update to whois_5.0.16.  Ticket created.


We need to update to httpd-2.4.2.  Ticket created.


That's one mirror.  I updated the book to point to anduin a little bit 
ago.  Oracle's policies on download sucks.  That's why this was needed.


That one I didn't find.  I deleted the ftp reference in the book, but I 
can add it back.

   -- Bruce

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