[blfs-support] Filesystem recovery messages at every boot

Arthur Radley misterarthurradley at gmail.com
Fri May 10 06:13:41 PDT 2013

On Fri, May 10, 2013 at 5:21 AM, Markku Pesonen <tourula at gmail.com> wrote:

> Arthur Radley wrote:
> > But a small amount of additional explanation of what was and is now
> > happening would be appreciated. I accept out-of-hand the explanation
> > that before, my root filesystem was not being remounted read-only during
> > shutdown or reboot. It's just that I still wonder what state or
> > condition required recovery before, what was being done about it, and
> > why it is no longer required after adding the command to remount the
> > root filesystem ro at shutdown and reboot.
> All filesystems should be either unmounted or mounted read-only during
> shutdown to ensure all pending write operations are completed and no
> data is lost. If that happens without errors, the filesystem is marked
> "clean" and no repairs are needed during the next boot.
> Before util-linux 2.22, the "umount -a -r" command in the mountfs script
> unmounted the root filesystem or remounted it as read-only (I can't
> confirm anymore which one it actually did). In util-linux 2.22 and
> later, that command doesn't seem to do anything to the root filesystem,
> and some checking or repairing is required during the next boot. I don't
> know if this is a bug in util-linux.
> Adding "mount -n -o remount,ro /" command to the mountfs script ensures
> the root filesystem is cleanly remounted in read-only mode before
> shutdown. As Pierre pointed out, this is what Slackware does, and I
> think Debian does it too.
> I don't know what exactly happens in that recovery thing during boot,
> but I didn't notice any data loss, so I guess it wasn't too serious.
> This is pretty much everything I understand about this matter, and it
> might not be 100% correct, but I hope this helps.
It did help. Thank you. And thanks to everyone who commented about this
matter to which I have been oblivious since building my current BLFS
systems on LFS 7.3 with the new util-linux version (about two months now).
I remember one incident during that time in which I had some file
corruption and some apps would not open. I had to restore from a weekly
backup (a rare thing for me). I never found out what caused that (until
maybe now). Anyway, this was important to me because I don't use (or even
possess) any "distros" any more. I have been using only my BLFS systems for
nearly two years. For the last two days, my confidence in them had been
shaken a little because of all this. I feel back to normal now.

Thanks again to all,

A. Radley
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