[blfs-support] libunzip.so not compiled

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat May 11 21:30:41 PDT 2013

John Frankish wrote:

>>> Is there a way to compile a 64-bit libunzip.so?
>> I don't know, but what are you using that needs it?  zip/unzip are primarily
>> for Windows and they don't use the library.
> The unzip section of blfs svn states that libunzip is built

That does seem to be an issue.  It should be removed.  It may be left 
over from an earlier version of unzip.  I do have it in my log of 
unzip-5.52, but that's from 2005!  It's not built for me with either the 
32 or 64 bit versions of unzip 6.0.

and the libreoffice section states that unzip is a dep.

Yes, that means the unzip executable in this case.

   -- Bruce

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