[blfs-support] Removal of GNOME packages

Fernando famobr at yahoo.com.br
Mon May 27 11:17:54 PDT 2013

Em 27-05-2013 14:41, Bruce Dubbs escreveu:
> Armin K. wrote:
>> Hi, with Systemd branch created, I'd like to remove all (most) of GNOME
>> Desktop related packages from standard BLFS and keep most of the apps so
>> we don't hold upgrades for low level libraries because of it. Any
>> obligations?
>> We can replace GNOME with some lighter alternative like E17 or LXDE if
>> desired. If there's anyone who would like to try to make GNOME 3.8 work
>> without Systemd (it's possible - just not worth the effort imho because
>> you might miss some functionality) please speak now.
> Removing Gnome is fine, but please don't remove anything that other 
> packages need.  To me, the KDE and XFCE desktop managers are sufficient 
> for BLFS.
>    -- Bruce

Almost same, but I also ask "please don't remove anything that other
packages need".

I would like very much to see LXDE in the book. Could help, though a few
issues there I still do not understand.


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