[blfs-support] Solution for twm complaining about lacking fonts

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 19:24:26 PDT 2014

me at pc-networking-services.com wrote:
> Hello,
> When we install xorg following the BLFS_7.5 stable book, when you first
> start x using the startx command, it will complain bitterly about the ISO
> fonts are lacking and it will NOT correctly bring up twm with the three
> windows and clock. (If you installed the clock.)
> To solve this issue you need to actually install the international fonts:
> ftp://ftp.openbsd.com/ports/distfiles/intlfonts-1.2.tar.gz
> After I installed these fonts I actually rebooted my computer and when I
> issued the startx command, after a couple minutes twm started correctly
> and the clock also came up correctly.
> Maybe it would be a good idea to add this to the user notes or to the xorg
> instructions page.
> This is easily verified by doing a completely fresh install and testing.

Do you have the LANG or LC_* environment variables set?  I've never 
loaded intlfonts and have never had a problem.

Also, you must have a really slow system.  For me, twm comes up in about 
2 seconds.

   -- Bruce

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