[blfs-support] Not able to start the Xorg.

me at pc-networking-services.com me at pc-networking-services.com
Thu Mar 27 05:08:56 PDT 2014

>> Hello,
>> Make sure that you have installed:
>> Xorg Nouveau Driver-1.0.10
>> Xorg ATI Driver-7.3.0
>> MesaLib-10.0.3
>> Mesalib is required for compiling the driver for your graphics chip set.
>> When compiling Mesa be sure that you do not remove anything from the
>> configure line that is shown on the instruction page as they are needed
>> to
>> compile your driver.
>> Mesa will need to be compiled first (if its not already installed).
>> By having both of the AMD chip set drivers installed your computer has
>> more chance of being able to switch properly to the graphics mode as it
>> has a fall back.
>> Also it may well pay to install Xorg VESA Driver-2.3.3 as this one will
>> be
>> used if both of the others fail.
>> Regards,
>> Christopher
> Hi Christopher,
> i have installed both of these > Xorg ATI Driver-7.3.0 > MesaLib-10.0.3
> but not > Xorg Nouveau Driver-1.0.10 since it belongs to NVidia Cards and
> i have Radeon card.
> and i have also tried of using   Xorg VESA Driver-2.3.3 but still i am not
> able to start the Xorg.
> hope some one can help me out.
> but thanks for your reply 		 	   		  --
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There is one more driver to try:

Xorg Fbdev Driver-0.4.4

This one is meant to be if all else fails it should start the server
unless you have not installed ALL of the software excluding the other
drivers in the Xorg section.  If you have left out any of the components
in that section, as David stated it will not work.

If you could also attach a copy of the .config file from your kernel.

Also an output of dmesg.  For that do dmesg > test so that we can see the
full output of what is actually going on.



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