[blfs-support] OpenJDK 1.8u51 build instructions

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 18:55:40 PDT 2015

Paul Rogers wrote:
>>> "What I meant was" given Modular XOrg allows various packages to be
>>> updated independently, at any particular point in time the upstream
>>> package list may well be different than as in the BLFS book.
>> Incorrect.  The packages are updated daily for -dev and the stable
>> releases are there.  Since you are doing an odd build based on years
>> old packages, I think you are using a version of BLFS that is old, but
>> not a stable release.  We did not do BLFS stable between 6.3 and
>> 7.5 but all
> True, I used an old development version of BLFS with contemporaneous
> package versions that were relevant at the time, but beside the point.
> And that's quite a long jump, between 6.3 &
> 7.5 don't you think?

I was working at a real, income producing, job at the time.  Without

>> If you stay with stable versions of the book at versions 7.5 and
>> later, the packages are there.  If not, you get to figure it out.  You
>> may be able to find the versions you want in conglomeration/.
> But they won't be if all the LO, etc., packages as used in the book
> aren't captured but left to the policies of the upstream sources. What
> guarantees do we have that what the build script fetches whenever that
> happens has any correlation to the version of the book being used?  I
> thought that was the point under discussion.  Is there some way I could
> be clearer about this?
> I did keep everything that was downloaded during/for the LO, OJDK,
> XOrg, etc., builds.  Burning a couple copies on DVDs is easy and
> negligibly expensive.  If it comes to it, I could rebuild this system
> from scratch without requiring anything from upstream.  That's another
> form of security.

Yes, LO is an exception.  However the others are complete AFAIK.

   -- Bruce

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