[blfs-support] CMOS

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Sun Aug 23 23:04:46 PDT 2015

In the past I've always had good luck keeping a Live Knoppix CD/DVD
around for the inevitable virgin box I want to talk.  Today I found a
"new" version Knoppix-7.2 CD, burned it, booted it in this box to check.
OK.  A few hours later I booted my regular (B)LFS-7.2/POD-4.0, and the
onboard NIC was gone.  lspci didn't find it.  Tried an older system that
hasn't been played with.  No NIC.  Eventually I went under the covers
and did a hard CMOS reset, and it magically reapeared. (Obviously)  Back
in the day I had DOS programs that could save/restore CMOS'.  Is there
anything like that for Linux?  I've generally had Plug-n-Play OS
enabled in the BIOS.  Was that a mistake?  I figured Linux would take
control of the HW anyway.  Is Debian/Knoppix a "bad actor" now?
Paul Rogers
paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
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