[blfs-support] blfs-support Digest, Vol 361, Issue 1

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Wed Aug 26 15:11:17 PDT 2015

> I did however figure out you could use FreeDOS for all things DOS-
> related. If you still have those DOS tools around, you could use
> FreeDOS with them.

Oh, I've still got bootable DOS floppies, and I LIKE having floppy
drives in boxes.  Old school!

If there were a good utility in Linux, it'd be one less thing to

> Research, and re-research if you are going to write to the bios or
> bios settings, because you can't fix it if you mess it up.

OK, so it's clear then that Knoppix COULD have done it.  (There were
some advantages to the olden days when you have to shift a jumper to
empower the NVRAM for writing!)

> You can use dd for writing to hard drives, and for writing iso
> images to CDs.

Wrote zeros over many a hard drive, and made ISO images of CD's with dd.

> You have3 /dev/nvram ?  On a quick check (desktop-type box running as
> a server, and my netbook) I do not have /dev/nvram.

I do.  ISTR a kernel setting.
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