[blfs-support] libdrm-2.6.64 PKG_CHECK_MODULES syntax error

Sebastian Skjold Højsted sebastian at zebweb.dk
Sun Nov 15 15:05:48 PST 2015

So, i checked and double checked and tripple checked installing this specific package (PCIACCESS) and the rest of the packages - also i can see all the lib*.so files in their respective folders.

I still get the error - but funnily enough - if i comment out that specific part from the ./configure file it throws another error the next time it uses "PKG_CHECK_MODULES" - could there be something wrong with this function? i believe its part of the pkgconfig package - that i also installed and reinstalled several times

Any ideas?

On 12 November 2015 01:27:20 +01:00, Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com> wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 01:08:10AM +0100, Sebastian Skjold Højsted wrote:
> > Hi, ive been installing LFS and BLFS and having a great time with the book, troubleshooting and problem solving :) very fun indeed.
> > 
> > I am in the process of building mesalib in BLFS 7.8 as part of installing X and when building the dependency libdrm-2.4.64 i run the command from the book
> > [...]
> > But this results in the output
> > 
> > checking for native atomic primitives... Intel
> > ./configure: line 13522: syntax error near unexpected token `PCIACCESS,`
> > ./configure: line 13522: ` PKG_CHECK_MODULES(PCIACCESS, pciaccess >= 0.10)´
> > 
> > Any ideas as to what is wrong - i installed the Xorg libraries and xcb + utils as described in the chapters before
> > 
> > Any help would be much appreciated :)
> > 
> > /sebastian
> > 
> It looks as if you failed to install libpciaccess from the xorg
> libraries. It is the third-from-last package on that page, so it
> looks as if you might have had an error somewhere (either in
> pasting, or during a build/install). I suggest you check to see
> which Xorg libraries did not install.
> In general, the Xorg libs each install a corresponding lib*.so file
> (as well as headers and perhaps other libs), so begin by looking at
> those. There are two exceptions: xtrans installs headers and a
> pkgconfig file, xtrans.pc, and libXScreenSaver installs libXss.so.
> When you have found out which lib(s) were not installed, if it was
> not caused by an incomplete copy'n'paste, you need to work out what
> failed.
> ĸen
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> Il Porcupino Nil Sodomy Est! (if you will excuse my latatian)
> aka "The hedgehog song"

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