[blfs-support] Chromium

willie at tuta.io willie at tuta.io
Wed Nov 25 02:07:02 PST 2015

Hello everyone,

For the past year I've been using Chromium and Firefox on BLFS. The chromium 
browser is the open source version of Chrome and works really fast. I'm 
wondering if there is enough interest in adding and maintaining this in the 

It has plenty of dependencies, which are all in the BLFS book, except the 
build tool "ninja" which you can compile in around 0.1 SBU, don't install and 
then use for compiling chromium. Afterwards you can remove it so it's not 
really a dependency.

Compilation time is comparable to LibreOffice, around 200 SBU.

I build chromium mainly based on the scripts from Arch linux and Gentoo.

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