[blfs-support] Chrome browser: a fella CAN fight city hall (and win too)

alex lupu alupu01 at gmail.com
Sat May 14 15:58:19 PDT 2016

Slow weekend, with me in an exuberant mood.
Starting point, the thread about my rsync-3.1.2 crazy MD5sum:


Ken's last remark in the thread (emphasizing my error:),

"Alex - get yourself a better browser
(or don't use it for downloading) ;-)",

hurt a lot but it greatly helped as well by putting me in
a mean, fighting spirit.
I decided to rip into chrome/chromium browsers big time,
by submitting Bug 591438:


It all resulted in a long, bloody, hard-fought slug fest,
the multi-billion behemoth against
the little guy (with limited smackeroos) but
with the unshakable belief that truth, honor and dignity
(the RFCs too, I might add) were on his side.

As in all good fairy tales, in the end the little guy
fully prevails and the goliath finally admits and corrects the
mistake (_quietly_, as is the want of many a proud fighter).

Now, the Chrome, in all its incarnations (say > 50.0.2661.102)
downloads any "gz" file one can throw at it beautifully
with a perfect final size and check sum.

As an additional note, there is now a new browser around,
"vivaldi" (an Opera+, I'd say), with a lot of nice features
(I would recommend it for 32-bitters like me - Chrome is no more).
It so happens they use the Chromium (aka open Chrome) code
as a base (unfortunately, with warts and all).
I straightened them up too:


so as of > 1.1.453.50 vivaldi is squeaky clean as well.

Cheers and special thanks to Ken for his eagle eye and generous help,
-- Alex
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