[blfs-support] drive --X-- BIOS --X-- GRUB --X-- booted system

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Mon May 16 20:13:39 PDT 2016

> We could probably do an analysis and figure out what is going one, but
> the quick and dirty solution is to install a distro like debian with
> custom partitioning.

I saw an article recommending Ubuntu-15.10 Gnome as the best ever, so
I tried it a couple weeks ago.  I couldn't reformat the partition
fast enough!

> Note that I always use a separate /boot partition, but if you use a
> gpt partition table, you will also need a 1M grub partition.

I haven't in years, not since it became common for BIOS' to bust the
1024cyl barrier.

> Didn't you know the rule?  As soon as you ask for help, you figure it
> out for yourself.

I learned that in college Calc class.  It's the work one's mind does to
answer: How do I explain my confusion in a clear way so another person
can understand my problem?  That forces an alignment of one's thoughts.

> Paul, your style of replying makes it hard to notice what _I_ wrote.

I get the "daily digest", 24hrs of accumulated postings, at noon.

> 1. Why not kde ?  What follows is a jaundiced rant, you probably don't
> need to spend the time to read it.

Because it's too resource intensive.  And lately Windows and other GUIs
have changed to touch-screen interfaces which are useless to me.

> So, I suspect that kde is really for people who use distros, or for
> builders who have gone down to the crossroads at midnight like Robert
> Johnson and done a trade with "a man of wealth and taste".
>  - I'm guessing you'll grok that reference to the works of Jagger and
>    Richards.

Nope.  I listen to classical music, goes with being an Aspie I think.
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