[blfs-support] GObject Introspection and a sense of development directions

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Tue May 24 15:36:18 PDT 2016

> > Any benefit to non-developers?
> Yes - without it, applications written with certain frameworks won't
> work.
> Essentially, GIR is used to generate language-bindings for glib-based
> libraries, and is used by anyone using those libraries in languages
> other than C.
> Compiled languages (C++, Java, etc) don't usually use the GIR metadata
> directly - they use packages like gtkmm which are generated from the
> GIR. But dynamic languages (Python, Javascript, Perl) typically use GIR
> to generate library bindings at runtime... so if you don't have it,
> they won't work.
> Mostly it's a Gnome thing, but other parts of the glib ecosystem may
> also use it.

And seems like lots of stuff wants glib.  OK, thanks Simon.  Looks like
I ought to include it in the future.
Paul Rogers
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