[blfs-support] BLFS_8.1 libreoffice-5.4, was vsftpd-3.0.3

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Mon Jun 4 20:41:31 PDT 2018

To get back to the topic at hand, given that one has followed the books as matters, installed openssl-1.1.0 as the default, then openssl-1.0.2 with versioning, how is/was one meant to install libreoffice-5.4?  By versioning 1.0.2, BLFS mot only creates the problem that openldap & postgress can't find it, but clearly means 1.1.0 is meant to be primary.  I didn't read the bit in the book about installing 1.0.2 for programs that needed it as telling me to not install 1.1 and disregard versioning.

Is there some way I should have added something to put the versioned 1.0.2 in the search path?

I just reran just the autoconfig, hoping something would then surface with the SSL_library_init string I could edit.  It didn't.  Everything happens in the make, where I can't use the vsftpd trick.

It's not even clear to me that openldap & postgress, which tripped up my build attempt are using only compatible bits of the API.  I don't know it's worth the effort to try and install those, having diddled the string they're looking for.  I don't need them for anything else, but if I'd get them anyhow...

The prereqs say OpenSSL-1.0.2f *or* GnuTLS, but no such option is in the autoconfig options, nor is it clear that switching to "--without-system-openssl --with-system-gnutls" would prevent them from trying to find openssl, then failing download their own duplicate of 1.0.2.

I don't want to go off on my own, I just can't make sense of what I'm expected to do.

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