[blfs-support] Reducing my contributions

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Sun Jun 24 18:53:59 PDT 2018

I find it hard to believe that I can ever happily run anything
except LFS (sysv), but I need to step further back.

The last time I took a real break (6.8 -> 7.0, I think), I recall
that the bootscript changes were pretty disastrous for my use cases.
But I've more-than overcommitted the time I spend on this and I
no-longer seem to be competent to fix things (e.g. chromium).

And current versions seem to be getting worse instead of better
(that is particularly prompted by keyboard problems in the past
hours which _might_ be down to libinput, but could equally be down
to bad changes in the kernel itself, and also to having an argument
with a harfbuzz maintainer).  Python - avoid it if you can.

So, for my own sanity, I think it is necessary that I step back (a
bit).  For the tickets I have taken, I intend to complete them with
the possible exception of libinput - depending on any responses on
the Xorg list.

I continue to use firefox, and to test -beta versions (because
discovering the necessary build changes from one release to the next
is a PITA if you have not looked at changes during the betas), so I
intend to maintain that (plus any updates it requires, if nobody
else does them), and also to keep an eye on texlive source (I
continue to believe that using the binaries now that we don't have
to use them to bootstrap the source is contrary to what BLFS is
about).  But I don't expect to spend much energy looking at breakage
from new versions of poppler.  If that breaks things such as texlive
again, not my problem until I want to build a new texlive

Oh, and while I'm mentioning firefox, there is bad news for Tim: the
option to disable stylo is no longer recognized in the current 61
beta, so clang will be required.

And whilst I continue to think that using system graphite2 and
harfbuzz in firefox is a good idea, if upstream continue to think it
is not important then I may drop that: upstream seem to think that
rust is the bee's knees, although debian have so far failed to make
reproducible builds of it on jenkins (required ports in use) and I
suspect they will find it is horribly variable.

We (the editors) have tried to encourage people to contribute.  But
few people have stepped up, and they are currently MIA (real life -
it gets in the way).  To anybody who is thinking about contributing,
but is scared of the xml (and yes, editing that *can* hurt), the
process is not as bad as it used to be:  Pierre's template works
well for new packages, and errors are usually easy to spot if you
don't change much at a time, look at the first error message, and
perhaps use 'svn diff | less' to see what you changed in existing

As I have said before, docbook works if you build the following (and
any deps they require) in this order:


Are *all* those necessary ?  Probably not - but this works for
building the book.

Tha tim, am fiadh, an coille hallaig (Somhairle MacGill-Eain)

(that *is* deliberately obscure, but just be grateful that I
didn't quote from Glac A' Bhàis)

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