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Mon Dec 5 04:43:53 PST 2005

Author: darcym
Date: 2005-12-05 05:43:53 -0700 (Mon, 05 Dec 2005)
New Revision: 827

Re-updated including all files from previous commit

Modified: trunk/BOOK/final-preps/creatingcrossdir.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/final-preps/creatingcrossdir.xml	2005-12-05 12:43:19 UTC (rev 826)
+++ trunk/BOOK/final-preps/creatingcrossdir.xml	2005-12-05 12:43:53 UTC (rev 827)
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
   <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem>:</para>
-LFSHOME=`su - lfs -c 'echo $HOME'`
+LFSHOME=`echo ~lfs`
 ln -s $LFSHOME/cross-tools /
 unset LFSHOME
 su - lfs</userinput></screen>

Modified: trunk/BOOK/final-preps/settingenviron.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/final-preps/settingenviron.xml	2005-12-05 12:43:19 UTC (rev 826)
+++ trunk/BOOK/final-preps/settingenviron.xml	2005-12-05 12:43:53 UTC (rev 827)
@@ -79,12 +79,12 @@
   (the two are equivalent) ensures that everything will work as expected in
   the chroot environment.</para>
-  <para os="j">By putting <filename class="directory">/tools/bin</filename> ahead
+  <para os="j">By putting <filename class="directory">/cross-tools/bin</filename> ahead
   of the standard <envar>PATH</envar>, all the programs installed in
-  <xref linkend="chapter-temp-system"/> are picked up by the shell
+  <xref linkend="chapter-temp-system"/> are created up by the cross-compiler
   immediately after their installation. This, combined with turning off
   hashing, limits the risk that old programs are used from the host when
-  the same programs are available in the temporary system.</para>
+  when building a sane set of cross-compiler tools.</para>
   <para os="k">Finally, to have the environment fully prepared for building the
   temporary tools, source the just-created user profile:</para>

Modified: trunk/BOOK/prologue/common/organization.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/prologue/common/organization.xml	2005-12-05 12:43:19 UTC (rev 826)
+++ trunk/BOOK/prologue/common/organization.xml	2005-12-05 12:43:53 UTC (rev 827)
@@ -31,14 +31,20 @@
     <title>Part III - Make the Cross-Compile Tools</title>
-    <para>TEXT NEEDED.</para>
+    <para>Part III shows you how to make a set of Cross-Compiler
+          tools. These tools allow you make a set of tools
+          that will run on your host system, but build allow
+          you to cross-build packages for your target system</para>
     <title>Part IV - Building the Basic Tools</title>
-    <para>TEXT NEEDED.</para>
+    <para>Part IV explains how to building a tool chain built for
+          to operate on your target system. These are the tools
+          that will allow you to build a working system on your 
+          target host </para>

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