10.29 perl

dperkins at frii.com dperkins at frii.com
Mon Dec 5 06:55:17 PST 2005

>   Not that I noticed (my "current" tests haven't started yet, I'm looking
> at the last set, but it's the same perl).  Perl doesn't mention exactly
> what it is testing, except perhaps in failure messages.
>   My preference is to build in chroot, and the host is networked, but
> chroot doesn't have a resolv.conf at this stage.  Certainly, perl's
> lib/Net/Ping/t/ directory contains a lot of pings.
>    In my logs,
> Ping/t/100-190 were ok (,
> 200-410 were skipped on this platform (same, and named hosts)
> 450-510 were ok (
>   Perl's use of "skipped on this platform" is a general description of
> "can't test this", so I suspect Dennis had enough of a new system to
> fool perl into thinking he had full connectivity.  Perhaps something as
> trivial as having an /etc/resolv.conf.
> Ken
> --

I just built the system.  I used the LFS LiveCD to build Cross LFS.  I
don't think I had resolv.conf, but I can check that that.

You can cd to the t directory and run "perl harness" for additional
information, but I don't know if it will show you anything since you
aren't getting the same results.

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