RFC book titles

Ken Moffat ken at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Dec 6 06:05:09 PST 2005

  At the moment, we have the following directory/title combinations in 
the book for architectures which have both multilib and pure64 variants:

directory	title

mips64		MIPS64-Multilib
mips64-64	MIPS64

sparc64		Sparc64-Multilib
sparc64-64	Sparc64

x86_64		x86_64-Multilib
x86_64-64	x86_64

  In effect, the titles of the 'pure64' variants match the directory 
names of the multilib variants.  I find this confusing, particularly 
when I'm checking a book-wide edit.  How about if we changed the titles 
for these pure64 variants to also end in -64, e.g.
mips64-64	MIPS64-64 (etc) ?

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