Problem running lazarus programs

Ken Moffat ken at
Fri Dec 9 09:49:35 PST 2005

On Fri, 9 Dec 2005, Duncan Webb wrote:

> Just wish to bump this question, I think that the problem is something to do 
> with the build of binutils as this gave more errors that it should have done 
> during the test phase. (maybe Ken can remember).
  For Pure64, 7 errors in ld are a fact of life.  Somebody last month 
suggested the testsuite is trying to use lib64 (and obviously failing). 
At the moment I'm still establishing datapoints for test results from a 
current toolchain, then I'll put summaries in my home directory and see 
if I can fix any of the failures.

> In case anybody wants to know lazarus is a Delphi like front end to the 
> freepascal compiler.
  /me shudders :-)  The errors sound like binary software.  Well, I 
downloaded fpc and lazarus - lazarus has some documentation, but fpc 
appears to have none,  and it all appears to be in pascal (so, you would 
need a pascal compiler to bootstrap it).  I guess that somewhere it 
makes an old-fashioned assumption that threading will use linuxthreads. 
I think that fedora provides this for compatability with binaries, so 
probably nobody else would notice.

  The ldd errors suggest it might be built for multilib (always remember 
that pure64 is a recent idea, and with the exception of debian, no 
distros use it).

  Possibly, gdb might help you (I say might, because I haven't got 
anything useful out of it for grub, so I hesitate to say it will always 
help).  Equally, strace might be informative.

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