sparc64 pure64 error

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Dec 11 15:28:06 PST 2005

Joe Ciccone wrote:

> right now what i know about this error is that glibc was aware of the
> 32bit part of something. real helpful right? stubs.h is generated when
> glibc is installed and when the system is multilib it installs
> stubs-32.h and stubs-64.h, when i look at the sparc64-64 book i dont see
> a glibc-headers page, i need to look through the svn commits to see why
> it isnt there. if you goto another pure64 book such as alpha and follow
> the glibc-headers page it should fix this error, and many more you're
> going to encounter.

Thanks, I was wondering about the missing glibc-headers page, but didn't
think to look at the other books for verification.


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