Test results

go moko gomoko at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 12 01:34:30 PST 2005

Ken, I do the tests for gcc, and I've not your result
on libstdc++. I've the same error in g++, but for
libstdc++, I've:
                === libstdc++ Summary ===

# of expected passes            3667
# of unexpected failures        1
# of unexpected successes       3
# of expected failures          11

and the error is:
FAIL: abi_check

I fear that it was not good. But I redo the operation,
recompile all gcc, even with libstdcxx-pch, and I
always have this error.
Do you have any idea of what it can be? I found
nothing about this, and I can't see why this happen.

G. Moko

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