Error while configuring bash 3.1

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue Dec 13 19:06:31 PST 2005

Ken Moffat wrote:

>  I'd prefer to see an Errata page only for issues that come to light
> after a release, in other words, our errors that got in a release, and
> upstream vulnerabilities.
>  If the instructions need to be altered for some hosts, I don't have a
> problem with that, or perhaps listing it as an option that gets
> explained even though it isn't used, the way blfs does in for example
> gtk+-1.2 with '--with-xinput=xfree'.  Perhaps with a note that it
> applies to fedora (or osx, or sun, or whatever).

Agreed on all counts. An errata is a list of corrigenda for a written
work. Corrigenda are errors in a printed work discovered after printing
(or in this case, after release). If it really is a bug in *our* book,
and we've the ability to fix it now, let's do so.


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