Multilib Questions

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Wed Dec 14 14:10:56 PST 2005

Tushar Teredesai wrote:
> Hi:
> I recently acquired an AMD64 desktop (yay!). Before installing LFS on
> it, I have some questions regarding multilib. If they have already
> been answered before, feel free to hit me with a cluebat and point me
> to it.
> 1. The book builds /cross-tools and then uses that to build /tools. If
> I am not performing a native build, can I skip the cross-tools
> section?

I'm not sure if you meant this question, or if you mean the opposite...
/cross-tools are where your cross-linker and cross-compiler will reside.
If you're *not* building native, then you'll definitely need them. If
you *are* building native but are using a 32-bit only host, you'll still
want to go ahead and follow the instructions completely to achieve your
multilib setup. If your host is multilib and you're building natively,
then you could probably build general LFS style, but drop in the extra
builds of glibc and whatever 32-bit libs you want. Short answer: fbbg :)

> 2. If I understand multilib correctly, I don't need to install the
> 32bit libraries for all packages, but only for the dependencies that I
> require. For example, if I need 32-bit mozilla, I only need to have
> 32bit libraries for all direct and indirect dependencies of mozilla.
> Correct?

I beleive so, but someone else might be more qualified to answer that one.

> 3. Is there any recommendation for where to put the 32bit related
> executables (such as -config scripts for packages)?

I'm not quite sure what you're asking here. The binaries are going to be
either 32 or 64 bit and they'll know what libs they need - scripts
should work regardless of whether the binary is 32 or 64 bit.


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