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Thu Dec 15 00:05:37 PST 2005

Hello Ken,
>You should have crti.o in /mnt/lfs/tools/lib, from the 32-bit full=20
>glibc, and also in /mnt/lfs/tools/lib64 from the 64-bit full glibc.

>1. find $LFS/tools -name 'crti.o' : do either/both exist ?

Yes, both files exists!

>2. for whichever does exist, run 'file' to confirm you have 32-bit in=20
>lib and 64-bit in lib64.

Both files are the correct one - lib/crti.o is a 32-bit and lib64/crti.o is
a 64-bit!

>3. are your /tools and /cross-tools symlinks correct ?

The links are correct!

>4. did you install glibc into /cross-tools by accident ? 

No, I build both glibc (32/64) to /tools

Is adding -B/tools/lib64 to the build command (xgcc) a solution? If I do
that no error occure!

Maybe I should use the same linux distribution which you and Jim use. Which
one is that? - So I change to this one, maybe it helps!
Which type of machine do you or Jim use to build clfs for test? So I try to
get the same one.
I use a dual opteron on a tyan S2882.

Thanks for the good help!

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