sparc64 pure64 chapter5/glibc --libdir=/tools/lib64 problem ?

Jim Gifford lfs at
Wed Dec 21 09:13:35 PST 2005

Frans Verstegen wrote:

>When I build the sparc64 pure64 with the --libdir=/tools/lib64 in
>chapter 5.8.1-Glibc the build stumbles at 6.5.1-Zlib.
>>From memory it was looking for a library in /tools/lib64 which got
>moved to /tools/lib in 6.4.1-Gcc-4.0.2.
>I tried the whole build with the 5.8.1-Glibc --libdir=/tools/lib
>parameter and the system builds (as far as I can see) ok.
>Is the --libdir=/tools/lib64 correct for the sparc64 pure64 build ?
lib64 should only be used on multilib builds. I will be correcting that 
right now.

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